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Neutron facilities

Activities on the Pohang Neutron Facility Based on an Electron Linac
Kim Guinyun, Meaze  A.K.M.M.H., Khandaker M.U., Oh Y.D., Kang H.S., Cho M.H., Ko I.S.. Namkung W., Ro T.I., Chung W.C., Kim Y.A., Yoo K.J., Lee Y.O.

To the 40th Anniversary of the First Nuclear Experiment with a Polarized Deuteron Target
Taran Yu. V.


Quantum Description of T-Odd Correlations in Ternary Fission
Bunakov V.E., Kadmensky S.G.

Purely Quantum Effects in Fission
Bunakov V.E., Kadmenskg S.G.

Temperature Dependence of Neutron Scattering in He-4 Gas
Ignatovich V.

Role of Spin Effects in the "Forward” Nucleon Charge-Exchange Reaction n + p —> p + n
Lyuboshitz V.L., Lyuboshitz V.V.

Calculation of Temperature-Dependent Fission Barriers and Fission Fragment Yields
Yavshits S., Grudzevich O., Martirosyan Yu.


Fission Modes in the Proton-Induced Fission of 233Pa, 239Np and 243 Am
Beresova M., Bogatchev A.A., Dorvaux O., Itkis I.M., Jtkts M.G., Khlebnikov S., Kliman J., Kniajeva G.N., Kondratiev N.A., Kozulin E.M., Krupa L., Lyapin V., Pokrovsky I. V., Rubchenia W., Stuttge L., Trzaska W., Vakhtin D.

Rotation of the Scissioning Nuclei 234U* and 236U* Following Capture of Cold Polarised Neutrons as Observed in Ternary Fission
Gagarski A., Guseva I., Gonnenwein F., Petrov G., Jesinger P., Sokolov V., Zavarukhina T., Mutterer M., von Kalben J., Trzaska W., Khlebnikov S., Tiourine G., Soloviev S., Nesvizhevsky V., Zimmer O., Soldner T.

Rotation of Nuclear System in Trajectory Calculations
Guseva I.S., Gusev Yu. I.

Thorium Symmetric/Asymmetric Neutron-Induced Fission up to 200 MeV
Maslov V.M.

Precise Measurement of the Energy Distribution of Ternary alpha Particles Emitted in 252Cf(sf)
Mutterer M., Kopatch Yu.N., Yamaletdinov S., Lyapin V., von Kalben J., Khlebnikov S., Sillanpaa M., Tjurin G., Trzaska W.H.

Triple Neutron-Neutron-Fragment Correlations in Spontaneous Fission of 252Cf
Prokhorova E., Gonnenwein F., Kopatch Yu., Mutterer M., Hanappe F., Kinnard V., Stuttge L., Dorvaux O., Wollersheim II.-J.

Peculiarities of Date Processing in Experiment Aimed at Searching for Rare Decays of Pu* Isotopes
Pyatkov Yu., Trzaska IF., Mutterer A/., Yamaletdinov S., Tjukavkin A., Bolgov D., Kamanin D., Khlebnikov S., Kopach Yu., Kuznetsova E., Lavrova J., Lyapin V. Sillanpdd M., Tishchenko V., Tyurin G.

Experimental Studies of the Absolute Total Delayed Neutron Yields from Neutron Induced Fission of 236U in the Energy Range 1-5 MeV
Roshchenko V.A., Piksaikin V.M., Korolev G.G., Balakshev Yu.F.

Fundamental laws and symmetries

The Aligned Nuclear Targets of LilOj, HIO3 and Sb for Investigation of Time Reversal Invariance Violation
Beda A.G.

T-Noninvariant and T-Invariant P-Odd Effects and the Final State Interaction
Okunev I.S., Parzhitski S.S., Tchuvil’sky Yu.M.

Recent Results in the Study of Asymmetries in Neutron p-Resonances of 14N at Neutron Energies up to 1 MeV
Oprea A.I., Oprca G., Gledenov Yu.M., Sedyshev P.V.

Proposal for the Investigation of the Neutron-Electron Scattering Length in Liquid Pb by the TS-3000K Thermostat at IBR-2 Reactor
Optra A.I.. Optra C., Sarnosvat G.S.. Nikolenko V.G., Kozlov Zh.A.

Fundamental properties of the Neutron, UCN Physics

On the Possibility to Estimate the n,e-Scattering Length from Structure Factors for Liquid Krypton
Magli R., Mitsyna L.V., Nikolenko V.G., Parzhitski S.S., Popov A.B., Sarnosvat G.S.

The Proton Spectrum in Neutron Beta Decay: First Results with the aSPECT Spectrometer
Munoz Horta R., Angerer H., Ayala Guardia F., Baesler S., Borg M., Cabrera Brito L., Eberhardt K., Gluck F., Heil W., Konorov I., Konrad G., Luquero Llopis N., Orlowski M., Palmer C., Petzoldt G., Rich D., Simson M., Sobolev Y., Wirth H.F., Zimmer O.

GRANIT Experiment
Nesvizhevsky V. V., Petukhov A.K., Borner H.G., Soldner T., Protasov K. V., Pignol G., Quemener G., Rebreyend D., Gagarski A.M., Petrov G.A., Voronin A. Yu., Baesler S., Abele H., Westphal A., Mackowski J.M., Pinard L., Remillieux A.

Nanoparticles as a Possible Moderator for an Ultracold Neutron Source
Nesvizhevsky V. V., Protasov K.V., Pignol G.

Neutron Laue Diffraction in a Weakly Deformed Crystal at the Bragg Angles Close to π/2
Fedorov V.V., Kuznetsov I.A., Lapin E.G., Semenikhin S.Yu., Voronin V.V., Braginetz Yu.P.

Reactions with emission of charged particles

Measurement of Differential and Angle-Integrated Cross Sections of the 64Zn(n,a)61Ni Reaction at 5.0 and 6.0 MeV
Gledenov Yu.M., Sedysheva Μ. V, Guohui Zhang, Rongtai Cao, Jinxiang Chen, Guoyou Tang, Khuukhenkhuu G.

Statistical Model Analysis for Isotopic Effect in (n, p) Cross Sections
Khuukhenkhuu G., Gledenov Yu.M., Bayarbadrakh B., Odsuren M., Sedysheva Μ. V.

Modeling of the Multiparticle Preequilibrium Nucleon Emission and Nucleon Spectra
Martirosyan J.M., Grudzevich O.T., Yavshits S.G.

Observation of the P-Odd Asymmetry of Triton Emission in the 6Li(n,a)3H Reaction with Cold Polarized Neutrons
Vesna V.A., Gledenov Yu.M., Nesvizhevsky V.V., Petukhov A.K., Sedyshev P. V., Soldner T., Shulgina E. V., Zimmer O.

Nuclear spectroscopy and nuclear structure

Neutron Induced Inelastic Reactions on 150Sm for En=1 to 35 MeV
Dashdorj D., Kawano T., Mitchell G.E., Agvaanluvsan U., Becker J.A., Chadwick M., Cooper J.R., Devlin M., Fotiades N., Garrett P.E., Nelson R.O., Wu C. Y., Younes W.

On the Correctness of Various Approaches in the Extraction of the Nucleus Parameters on Example of Analysis of the Two-Step gamma-Cascades in 163Dy Compound Nucleus
Khitrov V.A., Sukhovoj A.M., Pham Dinh Khang, Vuong Huu Tan, Nguyen Xuan Hai

Possibilities to Verify the Level Density and Radiative Strength Functions, Extracted from the Two-Step gamma-Cascade Intensities
Sukhovoj A.M., Khitrov V.A. , Pham Dinh Khang, Vuong Huu Tan, Nguyen Xuan

The Initial Results of Research on Two-Step Cascades in the Dalat Research Reactor
Nguyen Xuan Hai, Pham Dinh Khang, Vuong Huu Tan, Sukhovoj A.M., Khitrov V.A.

New Facility for the (n, 2gamma) Reaction Investigation at the Dalat Reactor
Pham Dinh Khang, Vuong Huu Tan, Nguyen Xuan Hai, Nguyen Due Tuan, Ho Huu Thang, Khitrov V.A., Sukhovoj A.M.

About Nucleus “Superfluid-Normal” State Transition Dynamics
Sukhovoj A.M., Khitrov V.A.

A Precise Determination of the 64Cu Binding Energy
Telezhnikov S.A., Granja C., Honzatko J., Pospisil S., Tomandl I.

Neutron Emission Mechanisms in 115In(a,xn) Reaction
Zhuravlev B. V., Titarenko N. N., Trykova V. I.

Nuclear data, applied physics, methodical aspects

Measurement of Nb, Mo, Ta and W Cross-Sections on the IBR-30 and MMF Neutron Beams
Grigoriev Yu. V., Zhuravlev B.V., Pavlova O.N., Berlev A.I., Perekrestenko A.M., Mezentseva Zh.V.

The investigation of the Energy Dependence of the Alpha Value and the Averaged Gamma-Rays Multiplicity Coincidence for 235U in the Resolved Resonances Region
Grigoriev Yu. V., Pavlova O. N., Sinitsa V. V., Mezentseva Zh.V., Faikov-Stanczuk H., Yaneva N.B.

Data Acquisition System for the miniFOBOS Experimental Setup
Zhurhko V. E.. Kamanin D.V., Kuznetsova E. A.

Nuclear Analytical Methods in the Life Sciences

Atmospheric Deposition of Trace Elements in Selected Regions of Slovakia Studied by the Moss Technique Using NAA and AAS
Florek M. Mankovska B., Oszlanyi J., Holy K., Frontasyeva Μ. V., Ermakova E.E., Pavlov S.S.

Atmospheric Deposition Study of Ulan-Bator City by Moss and Lichen Biomonitoring and INAA Techniques
Ganbold G., Frontasyeva M.V., Ostrovnaya T.M., Pavlov S.S., Gerbish Sh., Baljinnyam N.

NAA for Assessing Copper Industry Impact on Animals: Erdenet (Mongolia) Case Study
Ganbold G., Gerbtsh Sh., Frontasyeva M.V., Pavlov S.S., Ostrovnaya T.M., Baljinnyam N.

Comparative Study for Optimization of Different Analytical Techniques
Oprea C., Oprea A.I., Nedelcu M., Cadar D.

Effectiveness of Environmental Protection Management System in Water Crisuri Basin
Oprea C., Cupsa D., Tentis M., Oprea A.I., Cadar D., Candea D., Tomulescu I., Teusdea A., Radoviciu E., Gergely I., Nedelcu M.

Concentration Measurements of Micro- and Macro Constituents in Human Dental Enamel by IBA Techniques
Oprea C., Kobzev A.P., Oprea A.I., Buzguta V., Tomulescu I., Cadar D.