Instructions for Preparation of Manuscripts (Abstracts) for ISINN


Author(s): Smith J., Ivanov I.I. (speaker's name should be underlined)

Institution Address

Manuscripts must meet the following requirements: limited to 8 pages including figures, references etc.; written in English; typed in single line space; each manuscript page must be contained within the area 16 cm wide by 23.5 cm high without page numbering.

Abstracts must meet the same requirements, but limited to 1 page.

The title, author(s), and institution should be in the form indicated above. Since your manuscript will be photographically reduced to 70 % of the original size, the font size should be not smaller than 12 pt, typescripts need to be sharp and black on high quality white paper.

The whole text, including tables, figures, footnotes and references should be contained within the boundaries as mentioned. Tables should be inserted appropriately in the text with captions above them. Figures must be glued in place. Halftone and color figures are not acceptable. Figure captions must be typed in below the figure.

Authors should prepare their papers in a camera-ready form according to the instruction and e-mail them in any printable format, preferably .doc, to Ludmila Mitsyna mitsyna(at)