Insert the Title of the Manuscript in the Сentre  

 Smith J., Ivanov I.I. (If name of speaker isn't first it should be underlined)

Places of the Authors Employment, Addresses of the Institutes

To be printed by direct reproducing the manuscripts must meet the following requirements:

  1. written in English;
  2. typed in single line space;
  3. paging: with text area of 160 mm wide and 235 mm high in an A4 page;
  4. without page numbering;
  5. print should be not smaller than font size 11 pt  of “Times New Roman” (at that, it might be as well to use 14 pt for a title, 13 pt for names of author(s), 12 pt for text);   
  6. if there are colored graphs in your manuscripts, captions under them must not be “colored” , as the captions “red line” or “blue points” will be written inappropriately in our black-and-white book of ISINN proceedings
  7. using halftone figures you need to examine their black-and-white appearance.

Abstracts must be limited to 1 page.

The whole text, including tables, figures, footnotes and references should be contained within the boundaries as mentioned.
Tables and figures should be inserted appropriately in the text as well as their captions.

Authors should prepare their papers in a camera-ready form according to the instruction
and e-mail them in any printable format, preferably .doc, to Ludmila Mitsyna mitsyna(at)