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T-Odd Angular Correlations in the Emission of Prompt Neutrons in 235U Fission Induced by Polarized Neutronsarticle in PDF
Danilyan G.V., Klenke J., Krakhotin V.A., Kopatch Yu.N., Novitsky V.V., Pavlov V.S., Shatalov P.B.

Fractional Yields of Delayed Neutron Precursors from Fission of 238U by Relativistic Protons
Egorov A.S., Piksaikin V.M., Roshchenko V.A., Mitrofanov K.V., Myakishev G.A., Samylin B.F., Goverdovski A.A., Vaishnene L.A., Morozov F.A., Vorobyev A.S., Shcherbakov O.A.

T-Odd Asymmetry Effects of the Light Particles Emission in the Heavy Nucleus Ternary Fission by the Cold Polarised Neutronsarticle in PDF
Gagarski A.M., Gonnenwein F., Guseva I.S., Zavarukhina T.A., Kopatch Yu.N., Kuzmina T.E., Mutterer M., Nesvizhevsky V., Petrov G.A., Soldner T., Tiurin G.

Online Coincidence Detection of Fission Fragments and Light Charged Particles article in PDF
Granja C., Kraus V., Kopatch Yu., Pospisil S., Telezhnikov S.A.

Investigation of the Sub-Threshold Fission Cross Section for 232Th and 238U article in PDF
Grigoriev Yu.V., Khlustin D.V., Mezentseva Zh. V., Ryabov Yu.V.

Collinear Cluster Tri-Partition: Current Status of Studiesarticle in PDF
Kamanin D.V., Pyatkov Yu.V., Aleksandrov A.A., Aleksandrova I.A., Jakobs N., Kondratyev N.A., Kuznetsova E.A., Malaza V., Strekalovsky O.V., Zhuchko V.E

Study of Rare Modes of “Collinear Cluster Tri-Partition” of 252Cf(sf) article in PDF
Kamanin D.V., Pyatkov Yu.V., Malaza V.D., Aleksandrov A.A., Aleksandrova I.A., Jacobs N., Kondratyev N.A., Kuznetsova E.A., Strekalovsky O.V., Strekalovsky A.O., Zhuchko V.E.

Relative Yields of Delayed Neutrons and Half-Lives of their Precursors from Fission of 241Am by Neutrons in the Energy Range 15 MeV
Piksaikin V.M., Mitrofanov K.V., Egorov A.S., Goverdovski A.A.

Are there Physical Spectators of the CCT Process? article in PDF
Pyatkov Yu.V., Kamanin D.V., Aleksandrov A.A., Aleksandrova I.A., Kondratyev N.A., Kuznetsova E.A., Strekalovsky O.V., Zhuchko V.E.

Investigations of the Neutron “Cross-Talk” Effect in DEMON Detectorsarticle in PDF
Telezhnikov S.A., Kopatch Yu.N., Mezentseva Zh., Stuttge L., Goennenwein F., Mutterer M.,  Chernysheva E., Dorvaux O., Hanappe F., Hambsch F.-J.

Digital Pulse Processing Ionization Chamber Pulses article in PDF
Zeynalov Sh., Zeynalova O., Nazarenko M., Hambsch F.-J., Oberstedt S.

Fundamental Properties of the Neutron, UCN

Interaction of Waves with Ordinary and Birefringent Media Moving with Acceleration article in PDF
Frank A.I., Geltenbort P., Jentschel M., Kulin G.V., Kustov D.V.,Strepetov A.N.

New Spectrometer for Test of Equivalence Principle with UCN article in PDF
Frank A.I., Geltenbort P., Goryunov S.V., Jentschel M., Kulin G.V., Kustov D.V., Strepetov A.N.

Measurement Methodology for the Main Characteristic of Radiative Neutron Decay article in PDF
Khafizov R.U., Kolesnikov I.A., Nikolaenko M.V., Tarnovitsky S.A., Tolokonnikov S.V., Torokhov V.D., Solovei V.A., Kolhidashvili M.R., Konorov I.V., Plonka-Spehr C.

Calculation of Corrections for Precise Obtaining the n,e-Scattering Length from the Angular Anisotropy of Slow Neutrons Scattered by Noble Gases article in PDF
Mitsyna L.V., Popov A.B.

Study of the Neutron Laue Diffraction in Large Silicon Crystal for the Bragg Angles Close to π/2 article in PDF
Vezhlev E.O., Voronin V.V., Kusnetsov I.A., Semenikhin S.Yu., Fedorov V.V.

Nuclear Structure, Model Calculations

Prospects of Using the Complicated (“Flaky”) Neutron-Optical Potential article in PDF
Alexandrov Yu. , Anikin G., Anikin V.

Nuclear Structure Physics with MoNA−LISA article in PDF
Stephenson S.L., Brown J.A., De Young P.A., Finck J.E., Frank N.H., Hinnefeld J.D., Kaye R.A., Luther B.A., Peaslee G.F., Meyer D.A., Rogers W.F and the MoNA Collaboration

Reactions with Neutrons, Charged Particles

Cross-Section of γ-Ray Production by Fast Neutrons on Cadmiumarticle in PDF
Bondar B.M., Bondar V.M., Gorbachenko O.M., Kadenko I.M., Leshchenko B.Yu., Onishchuk Yu.M., Plujko V.A.

The Experimental Investigation of 10B(n,α0) to 10B(n,α1) Branching Ratio for Neutron Energy Region from 4 to 7 MeV article in PDF
Bondarenko I.P., Khryachkov V.A., Kuzminov B. D., Semenova N.N., Sergachev A.I.

Excitation Function 14N(n,t)12C in Fast Neutrons Energy Region article in PDF
Ivanova T.A., Khryachkov V.A., Bondarenko I.P., Kuzminov B.D., Semenova N.N., Sergachev A.I.

Investigation of 50Cr(n,α)47Ti Reaction Cross Section for Neutron Energy Less than 7.2 MeV article in PDF
Khryachkov V.A., Bondarenko I.P., Grudzevich O.T., Ivanova T.A.,Kuzminov B.D., Semenova N.N., Sergachev A.I.

Statistical Model Analysis of (n,α) Cross Sections Averaged over the Fission Neutron Spectrum
Khuukhenkhuu G., Gledenov Yu.M., Sedysheva M.V., Odsuren M.

Mixing of the s-Wave and p-Wave Resonances and P-Odd Asymmetry of γ-Quantum Emission in the Radiative Capture of a Slow Polarized Neutron by a Spinless Nucleusarticle in PDF
Lyuboshitz V.L., Lyuboshitz V.V.

Differential Cross Section Evaluation in (n,α) Reaction with Fast Neutrons Using Hauser – Feshbach Formalism article in PDF
Oprea A., Oprea C., Gledenov Yu.M., Sedyshev P.V., Sedysheva M.V.

Parity-Violating Gamma Asymmetry in np-Capture article in PDF
Sharapov E.I., Alarcon R., Balascuta S., Barrόn-Palos L., Bowman J.D., Carlini R.D., Chen W.,  Chupp T.E., Crawford C.,  Covrig S., Dabaghyan M., Fomin N., Freedman S.J., Gentile T.R., Gericke M.T., Gillis R.C., Greene G.L., Hersman F.W., Ino T., Jones G.L., Lauss B., Leuschner M., Lozowski W.R., Mahurin R., Masuda Y., Mei J., Mitchell G.S., Muto S., Nann H., Page S.A., Penttilä S.I., Ramsay W.D., Salas-Bacci A., Santra S., Sharma M., Seo P.-N., Smith T.B., Snow W.M., Wilburn W.S., Yuan V.

Modified Model of Neutron Resonances Width Distribution. Results of  Neutron Reduced Neutron Widths Approximation for Mass Region 35≤A≤249 article in PDF
Sukhovoj A.M., Khitrov V.A.

Modified Model of Neutron Resonances Width Distribution. Estimation of the Quality of Results and Interpretation of Available Physics Information article in PDF
Sukhovoj A.M., Furman W.I., Khitrov V.A.

Modified Model of Neutron Resonances Width Distribution. Results of Total Gamma-Widths Approximation article in PDF
Sukhovoj A.M., Khitrov V.A.

Nuclear Data, Methodical Aspects, Applied Physics

Micropixel Avalanche Photodiode as Alpha Particle Detector article in PDF
Ahmadov F., Ahmadov G., Madatov R., Sadygov Z., Tiutiunnikov S., Zhezher V.

Measurements of Characteristics of the Pulse Neutron Sources RADEX and IN-06 of the Moscow Meson Factory (INR RAS, Troitsk) article in PDF
Grigoriev Yu.V., Khlustin D.V., Mezentseva Zh. V., Vasiliev I.A., Ryabov Yu.V.

Measurements of Neutron Total and Capture Cross Sections at the TOF Spectrometers of the Moscow Meson Factory article in PDF
Grigoriev Yu.V., Khlustin D.V., Mezentseva Zh. V., Ryabov Yu.V.

A Multi-Section Frisch-Gridded Ionization Chamber for Studies of Neutron-Induced Fission at the GNEIS Facility article in PDF
Kovalev N.V., Ryzhov I.V., Tutin G.A., Shcherbakov O.A., Vorobyev A.S., Vaishnene L.A.

Status of Pulsed Neutron Facility in Korea article in PDF
Kim G., Lee M., Kim K.S., Yang S., Kim E., Shvetsov V., Skoy V., Cho M.-H., Namkung W.

Coincidence Module for Spectral- and Time-Correlated Multi-Particle Detection with Four Pixel Detectors Timepix article in PDF
Kraus V., Granja C.

On the Possibility to Increase a Neutron Beam Flux of IREN article in PDF
Mitsyna L.V., Popov A.B., Song Zhaohui.

Multiinput Encoder for Recording Spectra of Scattered Neutrons Using Time-of-Flight Methodarticle in PDF
Shvetsov V.N., Alpatov S.V., Astahova N.V., Gundorin N.A., Enik T.L., Mitsyna L.V., Pikelner L.B., Popov A.B., Salamatin I.M., Salamatin K.M., Samosvat G.S., Sedyshev P.V., Sirotin A.P.

Compilation of Nuclear Excited States CRF article in PDF
Sukhoruchkin S.I., Soroko Z.N., Sukhoruchkin D.S.

Compilation of Nuclear Binding Energies MDF article in PDF
Sukhoruchkin S.I., Sukhoruchkin D.S.

Study of Nonstatistical Effects due to Tensor Forces article in PDF
Sukhoruchkin S.I., Sukhoruchkina M.S.

Nuclear Analytical Methods in the Life Sciences

Study of Heavy Metal Contents in Soil, River Water, Snow, Needles and Mosses of Ivanovo Region article in PDF
Dunaev A.M., Latukhina K.S., Abdalla A.A., Rumyantsev I.V., Nikiforov A.Yu.

Determination of Magnesium, Aluminum and Silicon Content in Water Samples by Gamma-Activation and Neutron-Activation Analyses Using the MT-25 Microtron article in PDF
Maslov O.D., Gustova M.V., Belov A.G., Drobina T.P.

Radioecological Investigation at the Construction of “BELENE” NPParticle in PDF
Khristov Hr.G., Marinova S.G., Gustova M.V., Maslov O.D.

Temporal Variations of 137Cs in Surface Air in Bratislava, Slovakia, over 33 Years article in PDF
Sykora I., Povinec P., Brest’akova L., Florek M., Holý K., Masarik J.,Frontasyeva M.V., Steinnes E.

Neutron Activation Analysis of Ca, Cl, Mg, Na, and P Contents in the Human Osteogenic Sarcoma article in PDF
Zaichick S., Zaichick V.

Relationship between Ca, Cl, K, Mg, Mn, Na, P, and Sr Contents in the Human Rib Bone Investigated by Neutron Activation Analysis article in PDF
Zaichick S., Zaichick V.

The Effect of Age on the Zinc Content in Prostate of Healthy Men Investigated by INAA and ICP-MS article in PDF
Zaichick S., Zaichick V., Karandashev V., Nosenko C.

Papers received after deadline

Time Differential Perturbed Angular Correlation Study of Vegetable Oils article in PDF
Oprea C., Velichkov A., Oprea I.A., Filosofov D.V., Szalanski P.J. 

Evaluation of Parity Violation Effects for Thermal Neutrons Scattering on 204 Pb Nucleus article in PDF
Oprea A., Oprea C., Gledenov Yu.M., Sedyshev P.V. 

Trace Heavy Metal Uptake by Crop Rootsarticle in PDF
Oprea C., Gustova M.V., Oprea I.A.

Air Filters Components Activity Measurements with HpGe Gamma Spectrometer article in PDF
Shvetsov V., Bang J.H., Byun Y.C., Cho M.-H., Lee M., Kim E.A.

Measurement of the P-Odd Effect in Radiative Cross Section on Natural Lead article in PDF
Vesna V.А., Gledenov Yu.M., Lazebnik I.M., Nesvizhevsky V.V., Sedyshev P.V., Shulgina Е.V.

Nuclear Analytical Methods As Interface Of Environmental And Traceability Evaluations article in PDF
C. Oprea, M.V. Gustova, O.D. Maslov, A. G. Belov, I.A. Oprea, A. Mihul