CONTENTSarticle in PDF

UCN, Fundamental Properties of the Neutron, Fundamental Symmetries

Neutron b- Decayarticle in PDF
Dubbers D.

New UCN Experiment for Test of the Equivalence Principle for Free Neutronsarticle in PDF
Frank A.I., Geltenbort P., Jentschel M., Goryunov S.V., Kulin G.V., Kustov D.V., Strepetov A.N.

New Experiment for the Test of the Dispersion Law for Very Slow Neutronsarticle in PDF
Kulin G.V., Strepetov A.N., Frank A.I., Geltenbort P., Goryunov S.V., Jentschel M., Kustov D.V.

A New Spallation Ultracold Neutron Source at RCNParticle in PDF
Kawasaki S., Masuda Y., Jeong S.C., Watanabe Y., Matsuta K., Mihara M., Hatanaka K., Matsumiya R.

Flexible Polyvinyl Chloride Tubes to Transport Low Energy Neutrons and Some Options for Their Applicationarticle in PDF
Arzumanov S., Bondarenko L., Chernyavsky S., Chuvilin D., Geltenbort P., Morozov V., Nesvizhevsky V.V., Panin Yu., Strepetov A.

New Approach to Test a Neutron Elecroneutrality by the Spin Interferometry Techniquearticle in PDF
Kuznetsov I.A., Voronin V.V.

Search for P-Odd Effects in Interaction of Polarized Neutrons with Natural Leadarticle in PDF
Vesna V.А., Gledenov Yu.M., Oprea A., Oprea C., Sedyshev P.V., Shulgina Е.V.

Verification of the Weak Equivalence Principle with Laue Diffracting Neutrons. Resolution Test and Systematics Analysisarticle in PDF
Vezhlev E.O., Braginetz Yu.P., Kuznetsov I.A., Lapin E.G., Semenikhin S.Yu., Fedorov V.V., Voronin V.V.

Investigation of Possibilities for the Measurement of Parity Violation in Neutron Diffraction at the IBR-2M Reactorarticle in PDF
Kuznetsov V.L., Kuznetsova E.V., Sedyshev P.V., Shvetsov V.N., Churakov A.V.

Whispering Gallery States of Neutrons and Anti-Hydrogen Atoms and Their Application to Fundamental and Surface Physicsarticle in PDF
Cubitt R., Nesvizhevsky V., Protasov K., Reynaud S., Voronin A.

Nuclear Interactions, Reactions with Neutrons, Charged Particles

New Experimental Data of 19F(n,α)16N Reaction Excitation Functionarticle in PDF
Bondarenko I.P., Khryachkov V.A., Ivanova T.A., Kuzminov B.D., Semenova N.N., Sergachev A.I.

Tritium Production Cross Section for Neutron Interaction with 10B Nucleiarticle in PDF
Ivanova T.A., Bondarenko I.P., Kuzminov B.D., Semenova N.N., Sergachev A.I., Khryachkov V.A.

Cross Sections of (n, p), (n, α), (n, 2n) Reactions on Isotopes of Dy, Er, Yb at En= 14.6 MeVarticle in PDF
Kadenko А.O., Gorbachenko O.M., Plujko V.A., Primenko G.I.

Correlations in Nuclear Interactions between ECM/u and Unexplained Experimental Observablesarticle in PDF
Westmeier W., Brandt R., Tyutyunnikov S.


First Step in Physical Treatment of the Collinear Cluster Tri-Partition Mechanismarticle in PDF
Pyatkov Yu.V., Kamanin D.V., von Oertzen W., Alexandrov A.A., Alexandrova I.A., Kondtayev N.A., Kuznetsova E.A., Strekalovsky O.V., Zhuchko V.E.

Proposal on the Electrostatic Guide Based Experimental Channel at the IBR-2 Reactorarticle in PDF
Kamanin D.V., Pyatkov Yu.V., Alexandrov A.A., Aleksandrov V.S., Jacobs N., Kazarinov N.Yu., Kuznetsova E.A., Shvetsov V.N., Panteleev Ts., Ryabov Yu.V.

The COMETA Spectrometer for Study of the Multi-Body Decays of Heavy Nucleiarticle in PDF
Kamanin D.V., Pyatkov Yu.V., Zhuchko V.E., Kondtayev N.A., Alexandrov A.A., Alexandrova I.A., Jacobs N., Kuznetsova E.A., Malaza V., Mulgin S.I., Strekalovsky A.O., Strekalovsky O.V.

The Nonuniform Character of the Population of Fissile Nucleus Spin Projections K in the Scission Point and Anisotropies in Fission Fragments Angular Distributions for Low-Energy and High-Energy Fissionarticle in PDF
Kadmensky S.G., Bunakov V.E., Kadmensky S.S.

The Flight Probabilities, Angular and Energy Distributions and P-Odd, P-Even and T-Odd Asymmetries in the Angular Distributions of the Light Particles for the True Quaternary Fissionarticle in PDF
Kadmensky S.G., Titova L.V.

ROT-Effect in (n, α γ)-Reactionsarticle in PDF
Okunev I.S., Tchuvil’sky Yu.M.

Nuclear Structure, Model Calculations

The Most Probable Mean Values of Level Density and Radiative Strength Functions of 28Al Compound-State Cascade Gamma-Decayarticle in PDF
Jovancevic N., Sukhovoj A.M., Khitrov V.A.

Main Properties and Local Peculiarities of Radiative Strength Functions in Neutron Resonance Cascade Gamma-Decayarticle in PDF
Jovancevic N., Sukhovoj A.M., Furman W.I., Khitrov V.A.

Average Description of Dipole Gamma-Transitions in Hot Atomic Nucleiarticle in PDF
Plujko V.A., Gorbachenko O.M., Bondar V.M., Rovenskykh E.P., Zheltonozhskii V.A.

Statistical Model Analysis of (n,α) Reaction Cross Sections for Fast Neutronsarticle in PDF
Khuukhenkhuu G., Gledenov Yu.M., Sedysheva M.V., Odsuren M., Munkhsaikhan J., Delgersaikhan T.

Computing Investigations of the Neutron Producing Target for Electron Acceleratorarticle in PDF
Mitsyna L.V., Popov A.B.

The Relation between the Isoscalar and Isovector Interaction Potentialarticle in PDF
El-Nohy N.A., Motaweh H.A., Attia A., El-Hammamy M.N.

Proposal of a New Neutron Activation Method for Determination of Light Nuclei Using Low Energy Neutronsarticle in PDF
Oprea C., Oprea I.A.

Methodical Aspects, Applied Physics, Nuclear Data

Silicon Micro-Pixels Avalanche Photodiodes and Scintillation Detectorsarticle in PDF
Ahmadov F., Ahmadov G., Madatov R., Sadygov Z., Shvetsov V., Tiutiunnikov S., Kopatch Yu., Zhezher V.

New Developments in Atomic Resolution Holographyarticle in PDF
Cser L., Markό M., Szakál A.

Proton Beam Separation for Simultaneous Operation of Two Installations at the INR Linear Acceleratorarticle in PDF
Vyalov G.N., Ryabov Yu.V., Grigoriev Yu.V., Hlustin D.V., Mezentseva Zh.V., Borzakov S.B.

Time Spectra in Radiative Neutron Decayarticle in PDF
Khafizov R.U., Kolesnikov I.A., Nikolenko M.B., Tarnovitsky S.A., Tolokonnikov S.V., Torokhov V.D., Trifonov G.M., Solovei V.A., Kolkhidashvili M.R., Konorov I.V.

Experimental Setup for Investigation of the Resonance Neutron Induced Fission of 239Puarticle in PDF
Ruskov I., Kopatch Yu.N., Skoy V.R., Shvetsov V.N., Sedyshev P.V., Pikelner L.B., Panteleev Ts., Negovelov S.I., Mareev Yu.D., Mezentseva Zh.V., Dermendjiev E., Janeva N., Ivanov I., Hambsch F.-J.

Polarized 3He for the Fundamental and Applied Neutron Researcharticle in PDF
Skoy V.R., Ino T., Kim G.N., Lee M.W., Lee S.M., Lee S.W.

Oklo Phenomenon and Nuclear Dataarticle in PDF
Sharapov E.I., Gould C.R., Sonzogni A.A.

The Role of Neutron Resonance Data in Fundamental Physicsarticle in PDF
Sukhoruchkin S.I., Soroko Z.N.

Nuclear Analytical Methods in the Life Sciences

Soil Contamination Assessment in Ivanovo Region: Urban and Background Aspectsarticle in PDF
Dunaev A.M., Rumyantsev I.V., Grinevich V.I.

Effects of Fast Neutrons and Gamma Radiation on Some Biophysical Properties of Red Blood Cells Membrane of Albino Rats (in Vivo Study)article in PDF
Fadel M.Ali, Sahar E. Abo-Neima, Hussein A. Motaweh, Fayza El-Akad, Ahmed M. El-Khatib, Abdel Hamid A. Sakr

Concentration of Elements in Teeth of Roe Deer (Capreolus capreolus L.) and Mosses in Slovak Industrial Polluted Sitesarticle in PDF
Maňkovská B., Oszlányi J., Goryanova Z.I., Frontasyeva M.V.

Relationship between Ca, Cl, K, Mg, Mn, Na, P, and Sr Contents in the Intact Cortical Bone of Human Iliac Crest Investigated by NAAarticle in PDF
Zaichick S., Zaichick V.

EDXRF Determination of Trace Element Contents in Cancerous Tissues of Human Prostatearticle in PDF
Zaichick S., Zaichick V.

Neutron Activation Analysis of Ca, Cl, Mg, Na, and P Contents in the Chondromaarticle in PDF
Zaichick S., Zaichick V.

Calculation of Effective Resonance Integralsarticle in PDF
S.B. Borzakov