May 23, Monday

18:00 – 20:00 Registration in DUBNA hotel
20:00  Welcome party in DUBNA hotel

May 24, Tuesday

8:30 – 9:00 Registration in International Conference Hall

Neutron sources

09:00 – 09:10 Welcome/Introduction
09:10 – 09:50 Liang Tianjiao
Status of China spallation neutron source.
09:50 – 10:30 Aksenov V.L.
Reactor PIK and European neutron landscape.
10:30 – 11:10 Tagliente G.
The neutron time-of-flight facility n_TOF(CERN). 

11:10 – 11:30  Coffee break

11:30 – 12:10 Shcherbakov O., Vorobyev A.S., Gagarski A.M., Vaishnene L.A., Ivanov E.M. ,Anashin V.S., Artamonov S.A.
Neutron and proton radiation testing of electronic components at the 1 GeV synchrocyclotron of PNPI.
12:10 – 12:50 Shvetsov V.N.
Current status and perspectives of the IREN facility.
12:50 – 13:30 Khryachkov V.
The status and prospects of nuclear physics research at IPPE.

13:30 – 13:45   Conference photo
13:45 – 15:00   Lunch
UCN, neutrons properties and fundamental interactions

15:00 – 15:40 Geltenbort P.
Review on physics with ultracold neutrons.
15:40 – 16:05 Pokotilovski Yu.
Neutron lifetime and experimental density of states of fluoropolymers.
16:05 – 16:30 Lychagin E.V.
UCN upscattering with small energy transfers on surface of Fomlin oils.

16:30 – 16:50    Coffee break

16:50 – 17:20 Zakharov M., A. Frank, S. Gorunov, G. Kulin
Time of flight Fourier spectrometry for precision measurements with UCNs.
17:20 – 17:50 Ignatovich V.
Proposal of an experiment to investigate properties of the neutron wave-packet.


May 25, Wednesday


09:00 – 09:40 Hoover R.
Perspectives in astrobiology: microfossils in carbonaceous meteorites. 
09:40 – 10:20 Frontasyeva M.V.
State-of-the-art of neutron activation analysis at the reactor IBR-2 of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia.

1-st parallel session (Green hall)

10:30 – 11:05 Stankovskiy A.
MYRRHA, a multipurpose research facility for waste management and fast spectrum irradiation.
11:05 – 11:30 Adam J., Baldin A.A., Chilap V., Furman W., Katovsky K.,   Khushvaktov J., Solnyshkin A., Suchopar M., Tsupko- Sitnikov V., Tichý P., Tyutyunnikov S., Vespalec R., Vrzalova J., Wagner V., Závorka L., Zeman M.
Measurement of the neutron field on the surface of QUINTA setup under 660 MeV protons irradiation.

11:30 – 11:50    Coffee break

11:50 – 12:15 Khushvaktov J., Adam J., Baldin A.A., Chilap V.V., Furman V.I., Khabipov N., Sagimbaeva F., Solnyshkin A.A., Stegailov V.I., Tichy P., Tsoupko-Sitnikov V.M., Tyutyunnikov S.I., Vespalec R., Vrzalova J., Yuldashev B.S., Wagner V., Zavorka L., Zeman M.
Interaction of secondary particles with the thorium samples in the QUINTA setup irradiated with 6 GeV deuterons.
12:15 – 12:40 Bielewicz M.,Strugalska-Gola E., Kilim S., Szuta M., Wojciechowski A., Tyutyunnikov S.
Fast neutron spectrum measurement in the QUINTA assembly of E+T RAW collaboration.
12:40 – 13:05 Zhivkov P., Furman W., Tyutyunnikov S., Baznat M., Stoaynov Ch.
MCNP restrictions for simulations of "thick" targets irradiated by charged particles with relativistic energies.

13:05 – 14:00   Lunch
Nuclear Structure, Nuclear data

14:00 – 14:30 Izosimov I.
Gamma-decay in light nuclei. Borromian halo, Tango halo, and halo isomers.
14:30 – 15:00 Sukhovoj A.M., Mitsyna L.V., Zeinalov Sh.S., Jovancevic N., Knezevic D., Krmar M., Vu. D.C., Dragic A.
Accuracy ranking and verification of the practical model describing the cascade gamma-decay of compound states of any nuclei.
15:00 – 15:30 Sukhoruchkin S.I., Sukhoruchkin D.S.
New method of spacing analysis of all nuclei.

15:30 – 15:50    Coffee break

15:50 – 16:20 Grigoriev Yu.V., Novikov-Borodin A.V.
Power installations based on activated nuclear reactions of fission and synthesis.
16:20 – 16:40 Grigoriev Yu.V., Koptelov E.A., Libanova O.N., Mezentseva Zh.V., Novikov-Borodin A.V., Sinitsa V.V.
Determination of group neutron cross-sections and their integral characteristics for minor actinides by GRUCON code based on estimated data of ENDFB, JENDL, JEFF, BNAB.

2-nd parallel session (Conference Hall)
Nuclear analytical methods in the Life Sciences

10:30 – 10:55 Frontasyeva M.V.
Neutron activation analysis and microscopy of extra-terrestrial materials.
10:55 – 11:20 Duliu O.G., Samoilescu D.-C., Stan D., Constantinescu B., Manea M.-M., Culicov O.-A., Zinicovscaia I., Frontasyeva M.V.
ENAA, XRF, digital radiography, FT-IR and Raman spectroscopy investigation of nine Russian and Romanian icons from XVIII–XIX centuries.

11:30 – 11:50    Coffee break

11:50 – 12:15 Badawy W.M., El-Samman H., Frontasyeva M.V.
Environmental studies in the Nile river basin using nuclear and related analytical techniques.
12:15 – 12:40 Ibrahim M.A., Badawy W., Frontasyeva M.V.
Organo-metallic interaction in the river Nile sediment: molecular modeling approach. 
12:40 – 13:05 Ene A., Frontasyeva M.V.
Neutron activation analysis and imaging techniques in Romania-JINR cooperation in material and life sciences.

13:05 – 14:00   Lunch

14:00 – 14:30 Hoover R.B., Rozanov A.Yu., Frontasyeva M., Pavlov S.
Micropaleontology investigations and neutron activation analysis of carbonaceous meteorites.
14:30– 15:00 Nekhoroshkov P.S., Frontasyeva M.V.
Special aspects of assessment the elemental composition of phytoplankton and seston using NAA.
15:00 – 15:30 Doan Phan T.T., Vu Duc Quan, Trinh Thi T.M., Le Hong K., Frontasyeva M.V.  
Air pollution in Central and Southern Vietnam using moss technique and neutron activation analysis.

15:30 – 15:50    Coffee break

15:55 – 16:20 Yusuf S., Sherif M., Zinicovscaia I., O. Duliu O., Frontasyeva M.V.
Epithermal neutron activation analysis and X-ray computed tomography investigation of some scleractinian Red sea corals.
16:20 – 16:45 Zinicovscaia I., Cepoi L., Culicov O., Frontasyeva M.V.
Chromium removal from wastewater by activated carbon and spirulina platensis biomass: a comparative study.
16:45 – 17:10 Zaichick V,Ye., Zaichick S.V.
Neutron activation analysis of Ag/Ca, Co/Ca, Cr/Ca, Fe/Ca, Hg/Ca, Rb/Ca, Sb/Ca, Sc/Ca, Se/Ca, and Zn/Ca mass fraction ratios in inflamed bone.

May 26, Thursday

Methodical aspects

09:00 – 09:30 Qiu M., Zhang Xiaodong, Zhang J., Li H., Xia L., Zhang Xianpeng
A new fission chamber neutron detector based on helium scintillation.
09:30 – 10:00 Weng X., Hu H., Zhang T., Hei D., Qiu M.
Design and technique of aperture for neutron penumbral imaging of Z-pinch diagnosis process.
10:00 – 10:30 Zavorka L., Zbořil M., Zimbal A.
Fast-neutron spectrometry with a high-resolution dynamic-record-length digital data acquisition system.
10:3010:55 Ahmadov G.
Alpha particle scintillation detector based on micropixel avalanche photodiode and LYSO crystal.

10:55 – 11:15    Coffee break

11:15 – 11:40 Gagarski A.,Vorobyev A.S., Shcherbakov O.A., Vaishnene L.A.
Applications of low-pressure gaseous multi-wire detectors to measurement of angular distributions of nuclear fission fragments and for monitoring of neutron beam profile at neutron spectrometer GNEIS.
11:4012:05 Rogov Yu.
Application of tagged neutrons for diamonds detection in kimberlite.
12:0512:30 Hlustin D.
Measurements of transition and self-indication functions on samples of structural materials.
12:30 – 12:55 Tsulaia M., Berikov D., Salamatin I.
The upgraded experimental setup Kolkhida designed to study interactions of polarized neutrons with polarized nuclei.

12:55 – 14:00   Lunch

14:00 – 15:30   Poster session

14:30 – 15:30   Coffee

16:00   Picnic

May 27, Friday


09:00 – 09:40 Goennenwein F.
Shells, anti-shells and modes in fission of pre-actinides and actinides.
09:40 – 10:20 Kadmensky S.G.
T-invariance and nuclear fission.
10:2011:00 Barabanov A.L., Vaishnene L.A., Vorobyev A.S., Gagarski A.M., Shcherbakov O.A.
On the calculation of angular anisotropy of fragments from fission of nuclei by neutrons with energies up to 200 MeV.

11:00 – 11:20 Coffee break

11:2011:50 Vorobyev A.S., Gagarski A.M., Shcherbakov O.A., Vaishnene L.A.
Anisotropy of the fission fragments from neutron-induced fission of 233U and 209Bi in intermediate energy range 1–200 MeV.
11:50 – 12:20 Gagarski A.M., Guseva I.S., Sokolov V.E., Petrov G.A., Zavarukhina T.A.
Detailed study of n-n correlations in thermal fission of 233U, 235U and 239Pu.
12:2012:45 Zeynalov Sh., Sedyshev P., Shvetsov V., Sidorova O., Sukhovoj A.
Prompt fission neutron investigation of 235U(nth,f) reaction.
12:4513:10 Danilyan G.
Rotation of polarized fissionning nuclei 233U and 235U.
13:10 – 13:40 Egelhof P.
Application of calorimetric low temperature detectors for the investigation of Z-distributions of fission yields.
13:40 – 13:45 Closing of the seminar



Aleksiayenak Yu.
Trace element atmospheric deposition study in Belarus, 10-year study.


Aly A.A., Hassan M., Maghraby E.M., Motaweh H.
Behavior of dark energy model in fractal holographic Kaluza-Klein universe.


Artem'ev V.A., Sazonov V.A., Proskuryakov A.L.
The study of nanotechnology development in nuclear physics and engineering on the basis of patenting dynamics.


Aliyev F., Grozdanov D.N., Hramco C., Bystritsky V.M., Skoy V.R., Gundorin N.A., Kopatch Yu.N., Ruskov I.N.
Optimal shielding for scintillation detectors of BGO and NaI(TI) from 239Pu-Be neutron source. 


Badawy W.M., Chepurchenko O., El-Samman H., Frontasyeva M.V.
Assessment of industrial contamination of agricultural soil adjacent to Sadat city, Egypt.


Chelarescu E.D., Stihi C., Dulama I.D., Radulescu C.
PIXE spectrometry method applied in the environmental studies.


Dang Ngoc Toan
Structural polymorphism of BaMn{1-x}Ti{x}O3.


Dmitrieva S.O., Frontasyeva M.V., Dmitriev A.A.,Dmitriev A.Yu.
Determination of the origin of the medieval glass bracelets discovered in Dubna, Moscow region, Russia using the neutron activation analysis.


Ene A., Frontasyeva M.V., Strelkova L.P., Pavlov S.S., Basliu V.

Assessment of heavy metals and other trace elements in soils around iron and steel industry by neutron activation analysis and X-ray fluorescence.


Gremyachkin D.
Measurements of temporal characteristics of delayed neutrons from neutron induced fission of 237Np in the energy range from 14.2 to 18 MeV. 


Grozdanov D., Aliyev F.A., Hramco C., Kopatch Yu.N., Bystritsky V.M., Skoy V.R., Gundorin N.A., Ruskov I.N.
On the possibility of determining the moisture content in coke (fuel) with a BGO scintillation gamma-detector and a 239Pu-Be neutron source.


Hamada M.S., Nekhoroshkov P.S., Badawi M.S., Kopatch Y.N., Fouad M.F., El-Khatib A.M., Abbas M.I., Yushin N.S., Zinicovscaia I.I., Hramco C., Borzakov S.B., Ruskov I.N., Grozdanov D.N.
Assessment of air pollution in vicinity of phosphate fertilizer plant in Abu-Zabal city, Egypt, using vegetation and epithermal neutrons activation analysis.


Hamada M.S., Badawi M.S., Kopatch Y.N., Fouad M.F., El-Khatib A.M., Abbas M.I., Hramco C., Borzakov S.B., Ruskov I.N., Grozdanov D.N.
Environmental gamma-ray measurements of naturally radioactive samples in the region of fertilizer factories.


Ibrahimov Z., Djabbarov N., Khalilova L., Nuguyeva Sh., Madadzada A.I., Strelkova L.P., Mammadov E., Frontasyeva M.V.
First attempt of trace element atmospheric deposition study in Azerbaijan based on moss analysis. 


Jaksybekov A.
Digital time marking in fission fragment spectroscopy.


Khafizov R., Kolesnikov I.A., Nikolenko M.V., Tarnovitsky S.A., Tolokonnikov S.V., Torokhov V.D., Trifonov G.M., Solovei V.A., Kolkhidashvili M.R., Konorov I.V.
Calculating the geometric factor in a new experiment on radiative neutron decay.


Khuukhenkhuu G., Odsuren M., Munkhsaikhan J., Gledenov Yu.M., Sansarbayar E., Sedysheva M.V.
Alpha-cluster formation factor in (n,α) reaction cross section.


Kravtsova A., Nassar N., Frontasyeva M., Sherif M.
Elemental content of marine macrophytes (the Mediterranean sea, Egypt) studied by neutron activation analysis.


Kuznetsov V., Kuznetsova E.
Measurements of the amplitude of the coherent neutron scattering in the diffraction.


Marinova S., Hristozova G., Frontasyeva M.V.
Assessment of atmospheric pollutants deposition in Southern Bulgaria based on neutron activation analysis of moss biomonitors. 


Artem'ev V.A., Nesvizhevsky V.V., Nezvanov A.Yu.
Estimations and calculations of inelastic interaction of neutrons with nanostructured mediums at low energies.


Nurkassimova M.
Biomonitoring of atmospheric deposition and radionuclides in Irtysh areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 


Kuznetsov V., Kuznetsova E.
Measurements of the amplitude of the coherent neutron scattering in the diffraction.


Mitrofanov K.
Measurement of the energy distributions of neutrons from 7Li(d,n)8Be reaction at deuteron energy 2.9 MeV by activation method.


Naghiyev J., Madadzada A., Mirzayev N., Nekhoroshkov P., Yurchenko O., Frontasyeva M.V., Garibov A.
Epithermal neutron activation analysis of soil samples from Agsu district of Azerbaijan: search for actinides.


Nazarov K.M., Kozlenko D.P., Kichanov S.E., Lukin E.V.
Study of copper coins of the Golden horde by neutron radiography and tomography. 


Nurkassimova M.
Biomonitoring of atmospheric deposition and radionuclides in Irtysh areas of the republic of Kazakhstan.


Popov A.B., Furman W.I.
Programs for calculations of neutron resonance parameters from neutron total and fission cross sections.  


Pantelica A., Frontasyeva M.V., Trinh M., Zinikovskaia I., Culicov O.A.
Instrumental neutron activation analysis of tree leaves biomonitors (horse chestnut species).


Prusachenko P.
Digital spectrometer for fission prompt neutron spectra measurement.


Rumyantsev I.V., Dunaev A.M., Grinevich V.I., Strelkova L.P., Frontasyeva M.V.
Investigation of atmospheric depositions of heavy metals in the Kliazminsky state natural sanctuary, Ivanovo region (central Russia) using moss monitoring.


Ryazantsev G.B., Khaskov M.A., Beckman I.N.
Chemical properties of the neutron matter and its place in the periodic system of elements.


Sedysheva M.
Cross sections of the 66Zn(n,α)63Ni reactions at 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0 MeV.


Sosnowski J.
Influence of fast neutrons on current-voltage characteristics of HTc multilayered superconductors.


Strekalovskiy A.
New results in study of shape isomer states in fission fragments.


Sukhovoj A.M., Mitsyna L.V., Zeinalov Sh.S., Jovancevic N., Knezevic D., Krmar M., Vu D.C., Dragic A.
Representation of radiative strength functions in the practical model of cascade gamma-decay.


Sukhoruchkin S.I., Sukhoruchkin D.S.
New nuclear binding energies file and its analysis.


Sukhoruchkin S.I., Soroko Z.N., Sukhoruchkin D.S.
Tuning effect in nuclear and neutron resonance data.


Svetov L., Jaksybekov A., Zeynalova O., Zeynalov Sh.
Digital pulse processing algorithms for fission fragment spectroscopy.


Thabet A.A., Grozdanov D.N., Badawi M.S., Aliyev F.A., Hamzawy A., Ruskov I.N., El-Khatib A.M., Kopatch Yu.N., Gouda M.M., Abbas M.I.
Prediction of hexagonal NaI(Tl) gamma-ray detector response for arbitrary positioned radioactive sources.


Vasilev A.
Elemental composition of Bulgarian medicinal plants studied by instrumental neutron activation analysis.


Yusuf S., Sherif M., Zinicovscaia I., Duliu O., Frontasyeva M.
Epithermal neutron activation analysis and X-ray computed tomography of some scleractinian Red sea corals.


Zaichick V., Zaichick S.
Neutron activation analysis of Ag, Co, Cr, Fe, Hg, Rb, Sb, Sc, Se, and Zn contents and their content to Zn content ratio in prostate adenocarcinoma.


Zaichick V., Zaichick S.
Relationship between Ca, Cl, K, Mg, Mn, Na, P, and Sr contents in the intact roots of female teeth investigated by neutron activation analysis.


Ratis Y.
On the exotic underthreshold photonuclear reactions.


A. Bogdzel, T. Enik, V. Kekelidze,S. Kolesnikov, S. Movchan, Y. Potrebenikov, S. Shkarovskiy
Straw gas gain monitor


Oprea Alexandru Ioan et al.
Parity violation effects in capture of slow neutrons by 204Pb


Oprea Alexandru Ioan et al.
Non statistical and asymmetry effects in the fast neutrons reactions


Oprea Cristiana Daniela et al.
Isomeric states produced in nuclear reactions on indium


Oprea Cristiana Daniela et al. 
XRF analysis of inorganic elemental composition in an iron meteorite