Date: A.M. 29th May. Tuesday

Chair: Prof. Wang Sheng
Time Events Addressor
08:40-09:00 Opening Speech Prof. Hei Dongwei
09:00-09:30 T1: Nuclear Fission Induced by Resonance Neutrons—Experimental and Theoretical Aspects Prof. Walter Furman
09:30-10:00 T2: Nuclear Planetology Prof. V. N. Shvetsov
10:00-10:30 Coffee & Photo Break Dr. Weng Xiufeng & Dr. Zhao Chen
10:30-11:00 T3 : Status of CSNS and Back-n White Neutron Facility Prof. Tang Jingyu
11:00-11:30 T4: The n TOF Facility at CERN Prof. Giuseppe Tagliente
11:30-12:00 T5: Neutron Scattering Progress of CMRR Prof. Gong Jian
12:00-14:00 Lunch Break  

Date: P.M. 29th May. Tuesday

Chair: Prof. Tang Jingyu
14:00-14:30 T6: Transportable Accelerator-driven Neutron Source Development for Nondestructive Testing Prof. Wang Sheng
14:30-15:00 T7: Fundamental Neutron Physics at the ILL Prof. Peter Geltenbort
15:00-15:30 T8: Progress of Neutron Reaction Data Measurement at CIAE Prof. Ruan Xichao
15:30-16:00 T9: Irradiation Testing and Simulation of Neutron-induced Single Event Effects Prof. Chen Wei
16:00-18:30 Free Discussion Dr. Weng Xiufeng & Dr. Zhao Chen
18:30-19:30 Dinner  

Date: A.M. 30th May. Wednesday

Chair: Prof. V. N. Shvetsov
Time Events Addressor
08:30-09:00 T10: Search for Spatial Parity Violation Effects in Reactions of Cold Polarized Neutrons with Lightest Nuclei Prof. Pavel Sedyshev
09:00-09:30 T11: Development for Neutron Diagnostics for EAST Deuterium Operations Prof. Tieshuan Fan
09:30-10:00 T12: Neutron Activation Analysis Applications at the IBR-2 Reactor Prof. Otilia Culicov
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break  
10:30-11:00 T13: Development of Neutron Detectors for the Spectrometers of the IBR-2 Reactor Prof. Sergey Kulikov
11:00-11:30 T14: Cold Neutron Source for IBR-2 Reactor on Pelletized Mezetilene Beads Dr. Konstantin Mukhin
11:30-12:00 T15: Tagged Neutron Method as a Tool for Nuclear Reaction Studies and Elemental Analysis—the TANGRA Project Prof. Yuri Kopatch
12:00-14:00 Lunch Break  

Date: P.M. 30th May. Wednesday

Chair: Prof. Ruan Xichao
14:00-14:30 T16: RIKEN Accelerator-driven Neutron Source, RANS and Neutron Application Prof. Yoshie OTAKE
14:30-15:00 T17: Group Delay Time and Neutron Optic Prof. Alexander Frank
15:00-15:25 T18: Search for an Electric Dipole Moment of the Neutron Using Superfluid Helium Prof. Robert Golub
15:25-15:50 T19: Development of a High-Precision Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Apparatus for Use with Polarized 3He and Ultracold Neutrons Prof. Ekaterina Korobkina
15:50-16:10 Coffee Break  
16:10-16:35 T20: Experiment on Direct Observation of Goos-Hanchen Effect with Neutrons Dr. German Kulin
16:35-17:00 T21: Manifestations of Pear-shaped Clusters in Collinear Cluster Tri-partition (CCT) Prof. Yuri Pyatkov
17:00-17:25 T22: Detailed Analysis of the Data Indicating True Quaternary Fission of Low Excited Actinides Prof. Dmitry Kamanin
18:15-19:30 Dinner  

Date:A.M. 31stMay. Thursday

Chair: Prof. Egor Lychagin
Time Events Addressor
08:30-08:50 A1: Resonance Interference as a Common Origin of Pseudo-T-noninvariant ROT Effect in Fission and Other Neutron-induced Reactions Prof. Iurii Chuvilskii
08:50-09:10 A2: Measurement of T-odd Effects in the Neutron 235 Induced Fission of 235U at a Hot Source of Polarized Resonance Neutrons Dr. Daniyar Berikov
09:10-09:30 A3 : Acceleration Induced Neutron Emission from Heavy Nuclei Prof. Nicolae Caijan
09:30-09:50 A4: Search of Scission Neutrons in the Measurements of Angular and Energy Distributions of Fission Neutrons for 233U, 235U, 239Pu and 252Cf Prof. Aleksander Vorobev
09:50-10:20 Coffee Break  
10:20-10:40 A5: Preliminary measurement of relative yields between 85mKr, 87Kr and 88Kr from thermal-neutron-induced fission of 239Pu Yu Gong-shuo
10:40-11:00 A6: Angular Distributions and Anisotropy of Fission Fragments from Neutron-induced Fission of 232Th, 233U, 235U, 238U, 239Pu, natPb and 209Bi Prof. Alexey Gagarskiy
11:00-11:20 A7 : Prompt fission neutron investigation in 235U(nth,f) and 252Cf(sf) reactions Prof. Shakir Zeynalov
11:20-11:40 A8: Study of Five-dimensional Potential-energy Surfaces for Actinide Isotopes in the Double Center Oscillator Model Dr. Zhiming Wang
11:40-12:00 A9: Cross Sections of the 144Sm(n,a)141Nd Reaction at 5.5 and 6.5 MeV Prof. Yury Gledenov
12:00-14:00 Lunch Break  

Date: P.M. 31 st May. Thursday

Organization Committee
14:00-17:00 POSTER SESSION Related Authors
17:00-18:30 Dinner  
18:30-20:00 Going to Huaqing Palace by bus  
20:00-22:00 Free Activities: Watching historical dance- “The Song of Everlasting Sorrow” Participants at their own expenses

Date: A.M. 31st May. Thursday

Chair: Prof. Pavel Sedyshev
Time Events Addressor
08:30-08:50 B1: Experiment Onboard the Curiosity Rover Modelling of the Neutron Sensors Response Prof. Valerii Shvetsov
08:50-09:10 B2: Neutron Reflectometry at CMRR and its Applications Prof. ChaoQiang Huang
09:10-09:30 B3: Theoretical and Experimental SANS Study of Colloidal Systems from Depletion Attraction to Bridge Attraction Dr. Jie Chen
09:30-09:50 B4: Feasibility Analysis of Unfolding Fast Neutron Spectrum by using (n, n' γ) reactions Li Xuesong
09:50-10:20 Coffee Break  
10:20-10:40 B5: Small-Angle Neutron Scattering at CMRR and its Recent Applications in the Investigations of Polymer Nanocomposites Prof. Dong Liu
10:40-11:00 B6: Simulation of Neutron-Induced Degradation of Lateral PNP Bipolar Transistor Using a Defect-Based TCAD Model Chenhui WANG
11:00-11:20 B7: Nano-structured Reflectors for Slow Neutrons Prof. Egor Lychagin
11:20-11:40 B8: The Development of Multi-Facets Fast Neutron Spectrum Detector Prof. Wenshou Zhang
11:40-12:00 B9: The Wall Effect of the Sample Position Well for Fission Fragments Prof. Huaiyong Bai
12:00-14:00 Lunch Break  

Date: A.M. 31st May. Thursday

Organization Committee
14:00-17:00 POSTER SESSION Related Authors
17:00-18:30 Dinner  
18:30-20:00 Going to Huaqing Place by bus  
20:00-22:00 Free Activities:Watching historical dance- “The Song of Everlasting Sorrow” Participants at their own expenses

Date: A.M. 1st June. Friday

Chair: Prof. Yuri Kopatch
Time Events Addressor
08:30-08:50 A10: Monte Carlo Simulation of Photonuclear 13C( γ, p) 12B Activation Detecting of Carbon Prof. Yuri Pokotilovski
08:50-09:10 A11: Determination of the 232Th nucleus number using small solid angle method Haoyu Jiang
09:10-09:30 A12: Ab Initio Calculation of Neutron Resonances of Light Nuclei Dr. Dmitry Rodkin
09:30-09:50 A13: Ab Initio Calculation of the Thermal Neutron Scattering Cross Sections of Uranium Mononitride Dr. Lipeng Wang
09:50-10:20 Coffee Break  
10:20-10:40 A14: Precise Measurements of n- γ Angular Correlations in Inelastic Scattering of 14MeV Neutrons on Nuclei Dr. Nikita Fedorov
10:40-11:00 A15: Microscopic Calculation of the Total Cross Section for the 6Li(n, a)3H Transfer Reaction Prof. Alexander Solovyev
11:00-11:20 A16: The Use of Resonance Neutron Method for Searching of Palladium of the Proton Rocket Engine Dr. Dimitar Grozdanov
11:20-11:40 A17: Oscillating Sample for the Experiment of Investigation of Neutron Wave Interaction with Matter, Moving with Extreme Acceleration. Dr. Semyon Goryunov
11:40-12:00 A18: Pulsed Neutron Source IREN at FLNP, JINR E.Golubkov
12:00-14:00 Lunch Break  

Date: P.M. 1st June. Friday

Chair: Prof. Tieshuan Fan
14:00-14:20 A19: TOF Method Measurements at INR Spallation Neutron Source RADEX Dr. Denis Khliustin
14:20-14:40 A20: Measurement of the Neutron Flux of the CSNS Back-n Beam Line Dr. Yonghao CHEN
14:40-15:00 A21: Program of Fission Dynamic in CSNS Dr. Taofeng Wang
15:00-15:20 A22: Preliminary Study of White Neutron Beamlines at the CSNS Second Target Station Dr. Liying Zhang
15:20-15:40 A23 : Preliminary Experimental Study of Back-n White Neutron Characterization at CSNS Prof. Jie Bao
15:40-16:00 Coffee Break  
16:00-16:20 A24: Irradiation Facility of the IBR-2 Reactor as a Multi-operated Instrument for Researches of Materials of TOKAMAKS, Colliders, Detectors and Neutron Guides Dr. Maksim Bulavin
16:20-16:40 A25: Validation of Monte Carlo Neutron Physics Codes for Fully Ceramic Microencapsulated PWR Fuel Lattice Dr. Muhammad Qasim Awan

Date: A.M. 1st June. Friday

Chair: Dr. Yigang YANG
Time Events Addressor
08:30-09:00 B10: The Influence of Mineral Fertilizer on the North-Eastern Romania Permanent Grassland as Investigated by Epithermal Neutron Activation Analysis Dr. Octavian- Gheorghe Duliu
09:00-09:25 B11: Evaluation of Anthropogenic and Geogenic Impacts on Marine Sediments of Egyptian Sector of the Red Sea by NAA and ICP-MS Dr. Wael Ged
09:25-09:50 B12: Study of Major and Trace Elements by the Moss Biomonitoring Technique in Georgia Prof. Omari Chaligava
09:50-10:20 Coffee Break  
10:20-10:40 B13: The Determination of Arsenic Species in Drinking Water Using NAA-k0 Standardization Prof. Adrian Florinel Bucsa
10:40-11:00 B14: Biosorption of Lead Ions by Cyanobacteria Spirulina Platensis_ Kinetics, Equilibrium and Thermodynamic Study Dr. Nikita Yushin
11:00-11:20 B15: Result of Investigation of the Isotope Composition of Archaeological Objects by Neutron Resonance Capture Analysis Dr. Nina Bazhazhina
11:20-11:40 B16: The Measurements and Applications of Photoneutrons Induced by an Electron Linear Accelerator Dr. Yigang YANG
12:00-14:00 Lunch Break  

Date: P.M. 1st June. Friday

Chair: Dr. Yonghao Chen
14:00-14:20 B20: A Single-pixel Gamma Imaging System Dr. Dongming Wang
14:20-14:40 B21: Modeling and Simulation of Activated Corrosion Products Behavior under Design-based Variation of Neutron Flux Rate in AP-1000 Dr. Fiaz Mahmood
14:40-15:00 B22: A Cs2LiYCl6:Ce and SiPM Based Advanced Detector for Neutron and Gamma Hybrid Field Detection Dr. Zhonghai Wang
15:00-15:20 B23: Study on the Uncertainty of Neutron Angle in Associated Particle Imaging Dr. Shanpeng Zhao
15:20-15:40 B24: Experimental Investigations on Pulsed- Neutron-Induced Single Event Upset Bursts in Commercial ECC SRAMs Dr. Chao Qi


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